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Homeless information

If you are homeless or threatened with homelessness you should contact your Local Authority office. You will find your Local Authority Housing Office details on this website.

Local Authorities have a responsibility for investigating homelessness applications in accordance with the Housing Act 1996 (as amended by the Homelessness Act 2002 and the Homeless Reduction Act 2017).

There are 2 initial questions, and 3 further questions, which an officer needs to consider at a later stage:

  1. Are you eligible for assistance?
  2. Are you homeless or threatened with homelessness within 56 days?
  3. Are you in priority need?
  4. Are you intentionally homeless? Or have you deliberately or unreasonably refused to co-operate with your Personal Housing Plan?
  5. Do you have a local connection?

Your Housing Officer can explain the process and the meaning of the 5 questions, to enable you to supply the correct information.

Below are links to the relevant pages on the Homefinder Somerset partner authority websites regarding homelessness:

Mendip DC Homelessness Advice

Sedgemoor DC Homelessness Advice

Somerset West and Taunton Homelessness Advice

South Somerset DC Homelessness Advice

Local Authorities must assess and provide meaningful assistance to everyone who is homeless or threatened with homeless, regardless of any priority need.

If you make a homeless application to the Local Authority, you will be assessed and supported by the Housing Officer within the prevention stage (if you are threatened with homelessness) or in the relief stage (if you are actually homeless).  You remain in either stage for up to 56 days.

Throughout your application the Housing Officer will agree reasonable steps with you to either help you remain in your property, or support you in seeking alternative, suitable accommodation (not necessarily social housing). 

Please click here for a advice from Shelter about getting help from the Council if you are homeless. 


Personal Housing Plan

As part of the Homeless Reduction Act 2017, the legislation states that anyone who may be eligible and homeless or threatened with homelessness, should have an interview with a Housing Officer and agree reasonable steps that create Your Personal Housing Plan.

A Personal Housing Plan is a series of reasonable steps (known as tasks) agreed between you and your Housing Officer to help you resolve your housing situation.  The steps will include both actions for you and the Local Authority to complete within a time limit. 

If your homelessness case is being managed by Sedgemoor District Council or South Somerset District Council you can access the agreed tasks to action, by logging onto to, and in your account, under My Personal Plan (see below), you can view, update and complete the tasks, as you make progress:

This is a screenshot of how to access your Personal Housing Plan when logged into the Homefinder Somerset website

If your homelessness case is managed by Mendip District Council or Somerset West and Taunton Council you can access your Personal Housing Plan using a different system. Please contact your Local Authority for details.