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Application evidence

        Once you have submitted your housing register application you have 28 days to supply evidence of

Identity for you and any partner or joint applicant.


Failure to supply all of the evidence will result in your application being closed.


Subject to certain exceptions if you have not lived in Somerset for six of the last 12 months or

3 of the last 5 years you must also evidence a local connection to Somerset. Please contact the

Local Authority responsible for your application for further information.


To prove your identity you must provide three separate documents, one from each evidence group.

Please note an individual document can only be used to evidence one requirement. The documents

do not need to be original, although we do reserve the right to request to see original documentation.

Evidence can be emailed directly to the local authority responsible for your application.




In addition in order to be included on the Homefinder Somerset housing register you must also provide a five year address history and prove that you
have a local connection to Somerset (subject to certain exceptions).  You will be required to provide evidence of your local connection.