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Advert Symbols

Advert symbols offer a quick visual solution to view a property. The Symbols used on Homefinder Somerset have the following meaning:



 Advert Symbol

Bedrooms – number indicates the number of bedrooms.

Applicants will see properties with a bedroom more than their eligibility.

Allowed Band Bronze.

Allowed Band Gold.

Allowed Band Silver.

Allowed Band Emergency.

Parking information.

Garden information.

Ground Floor WC.

Properties are being allocated to an applicant with a Learning Disability Only.

Shower Only.

Full Wheel Chair accessible.

Partial Access/wheelchair accessible.

Specialist Adaptations within this property.

Wheelchair Adapted property.

Stairlift within the property.

Mobility and Medical Needs.

Bathroom Adapted within the property.

Energy efficiency – indicates the level of efficiency of the property.



Landlord is offering a Fixed Term Tenancy.

Maximum occupancy per property.

Maximum youngest household member age allowed.

Min Age Eldest Joint Applicant .

Min Age Youngest Joint Applicant.

Minimum youngest household member age allowed.

Pets are not permitted in this property.

Applicants with a Local Connection to the area will be given preference.

Rent is set at 80 percent of the Market Rent level.

Applicants that are Working will be given preference.

Preference to applicants that have had a Homeless Duty accepted by the Local Authority.

Priority to applicants in supported housing that have been signed off as “Ready to Move On”.

Local Lettings Plan applies to this property.  Please read to understand the landlord requirements.

This is a Sheltered Housing vacancy.

Supported housing applicants only.

Extra Care Housing Only

Existing tenants only

Rent In Advance

Room in a Shared House – A room in a shared house offers a more affordable housing option. 

Sensitive Let. 

“To be considered for this vacancy, a new resident will need to demonstrate a positive awareness towards local residents and the community”.