How to bid

You can tell us which homes you would like to be considered for. This is called bidding. 

You will need to login to this website to bid. To do this you will need your email address and password that you entered when completing your application. 

Bidding does not mean that you will part with any money. You can only bid for homes if your application has been accepted onto the Homefinder Somerset register. You can only bid for homes where you match what the advert asks for. For example, if a property has 1 bedroom, you will not be able to bid for it if you need more than 1 bedroom.

You can place 3 bids each week whilst properties are being advertised between Wednesday and Sunday. It does not matter when you bid during this time. Bids are ordered by Band and the length of time people have been waiting. 

Bids cannot be placed on a Monday or Tuesday.

You can withdraw a bid whilst a property is still being advertised and use it for another property. 

You should only bid for properties that you are genuinely interested in moving into. To make best use of your bids read the advert carefully as sometimes restrictions or certain criteria are set. For example adapted properties may be reserved for people with specific mobility problems or you may need a local connection to a certain area. This means that you need to live, have lived, work or have family in the area in order to be considered.

The video below explains how to login and place a bid