Application Evidence

What evidence do you need to provide?

  • You must provide evidence of your name, address and national insurance number
  • In some cases you will need to provide evidence that you are eligibile to join the register. For example, if you are not a British citizen.
  • If you live outside of Somerset you will usually need to provide proof that you have a local connection to Somerset. Please see the Frequently Asked Questions on the Help page for an explanation of what having a local connection to Somerset means

Documents do not need to be original, although we do reserve the right to request to see them.

Who needs to provide evidence?

The main applicant needs to provide this evidence. If there is a joint applicant (e.g. husband, wife, partner etc.) they will also need to provide this evidence

When do you need to provide evidence?

You need to provide evidence within 28 days of submitting your application. If you do not do this your application will be closed.

How do you provide evidence?

You can upload documents by signing into this website and using the ‘Add supporting documents to my application’ facility.

What evidence is accepted? 

Evidence must match the name, address and national insurance number on your application, and be:

  • Official. Hand written evidence will not be accepted.
  • In date and valid 
  • The full document, not folded, covered or amended

One document can be submitted to confirm your name, address and national insurance number. Please see below for details of what evidence will be accepted.

Credit cards & Debit cards

Please do not upload photos of credit cards or debit cards 

Acceptable evidence of your name, address and national insurance number 

Acceptable evidence of your name 

Acceptable evidence of your address 

Acceptable evidence of your national insurance number 

Form to provide evidence of a local connection to Somerset through a close family member who has lived in Somerset for the last 5 years

Please see the website if you: 

- Need to apply for a National Insurance number

- Have forgotten your National Insurance number