Application Evidence

For your application to be accepted you must provide evidence of your name, address and National Insurance number.

You can upload any evidence as you complete or update your application, or email evidence directly to the local authority responsible for your application after you have submitted or updated your application. The documents do not need to be originals, although we do reserve the right to request to see original documentation.

Please note that you have 28 days from the date of your application to supply evidence of identity for you, and a joint applicant if you are applying with a partner. If you are unable to supply evidence, your application will be closed.

One document can be submitted to confirm your name, address and national insurance number. Please see below for details of what evidence will be accepted.

Please see the Government website for details of how to get your National Insurance number if you have lost or forgotten it, or how to apply for a National Insurance number.

Evidence must:

- Be official. Hand written evidence will not be accepted.

- Match the name/ address on your application.

- Be current, valid and not have expired

- Be the full document, not folded, covered or amended